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LJ Idol Break week, challenge #4 – A Possum Ran Over My Grave

A WHAT ran over my grave?

Depending on where you live, your answer may be different. In England, a goose stepped on your grave. A cow, a possum, a rabbit, a goose, a ghost, a cat... Walked over, ran over, stepped over, trotted over .... every region of the US and each different country around the rest of the world seems to have a different saying.

Each one says essentially the same thing, but essentially it describes that unexplained cold, prickly feeling you get with no explanation. The explanation in the more superstitious past was that someone was walking over where your grave was eventually going to be.

According to phrases.com, the earliest known record of the phrase in print is in Simon Wagstaff's “A Complete Collection of Genteel and Ingenious Conversation” which was published in 1738. (You might know him better as Johnathan Swift.) The phrase may have been in oral use long before that, but this is earliest date that we can prove that the phrase was in common use.
Nowadays, they blame the feeling on a sudden release of adrenaline. But just in case, keep it in mind when you are walking through the open area of the cemetery, won’t you?

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