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Quilt Retreat & Stuff

Quilt retreat was weekend before last. I really needed the weekend away. I didn't get as much sewing done as I wanted as I made myself take it easy and take naps. I've been so busy looking after Mom in the evenings I haven't had a chance to unpack yet, let alone work on anything since then. Mom's started chemo - six rounds of 3 treatments each. She's not keeping anything down at all, I'm thinking that they may put her back in the hospital for some IV nutrition.

Last year, anthraxia gently reminded me that I needed to sew for myself occasionally. I started a quilt for myself at last year's retreat, and there it sat (in my defense, I only finished one quilt last year). So this year, that is what I took. I got most of the blocks finished before retreat, and finished the last 1/4 of the blocks and put rows together. I took it to Scrap Club on Saturday and got the rows all together. I have one block to fix and a row of border to add, and then I can trim it up, correct seam mistakes, etc. Going to save a bit to send it to be longarm quilted. So I'll start my project for myself for this year.

These were taken Saturday at Scrap Club by Teajuana Mahone.

Quilting Goals


1) Amelia’s baby quilt - top finished, needs quilting and binding - priority 2016
2) Tim’s Quilt - top in progress - work on
3) Ruben’s Quilt - TIP - on hold until we hear from him
4) Geun’s Quilt - ready to quilt, has backing, needs sandwich, quilt, bind - FINISHED, shown 2014 FVQG Show
5) Pink/Purple baby Quilts(2x) - blocks in progress - ON HOLD, the mom dumped me out of her life
6) My I spy Quilt - about 1/3 pieced - DONE and on MY BED!!!! - shown 2015 FVQG Show
7) Jamie's Quilt - top done, needs quilt by check - Priotity 2016
8) Prayer Quilt Celeste- blocks in progress -4 going now, number 1 goes to longarmer tomorrow
9) Mom’s Quilt - top in progress - priority medium
10) Sarah’s Quilt - blocks in progress
11) Taryn’s Quilt - materials purchased and kitted - finish and get to LAQ!
12) Prayer Quilt (Jim ) -is ready to quilt
13) Christy's Quilt - top in progress - med priority
14) Baby Quilt - blocks in progress - Amanda's, shower in April - PRIORITY
15) The Super Secret Quilt of Awesomeness - on hold
16) Purple/Pink Star Quilt - blocks in progress - on hold
17) Timmy's Train Quilt
18) Dad's fish quilt - top done, needs borders and longarm
19) ana - lucky start
20) My lucky star - retreat, top in progress
21) margarets - wheelchair bento box -top in progress
22) Joan
23) bryan noah's ark
24) malia
25) Paula
26) vanessa
27) celtic solstics

Quilting Goals

So, ofenjen has challenged herself the past few years to finish her UFO's. I have not had the time or energy to work on things and that has resulted in a large pile of UFO's (unfinished fabric objects, for the non quilters reading) So, I am going to work and see how many of these I can knock off or at least make significant progress on this year.


1) Amelia’s baby quilt - top finished, needs quilting and binding
2) Tim’s Quilt - top in progress
3) Ruben’s Quilt - TIP
4) Geun’s Quilt - ready to quilt, has backing, needs sandwich, quilt, bind
5) Pink/Purple baby Quilts(2x) - blocks in progress
6) My I spy Quilt - about 1/3 pieced
7) Jamie's Quilt - top done, needs quilt by check
8) Prayer Quilt- blocks in progress
9) Mom’s Quilt - top in progress
10) Sarah’s Quilt - blocks in progress
11) Taryn’s Quilt - materials purchased and kitted
12) Prayer Quilt- - blocks done, needs piecing, borders, sandwich, quilt bind
13) Christy's Quilt - top in progress
14) Baby Quilt - blocks in progress
15) The Super Secret Quilt of Awesomeness
16) Purple/Pink Star Quilt - blocks in progress
17) Timmy's Train Quilt

Reinventing Myself for a Happier Me - 2015

Goals for 2015 –
1. Finish things I have started and try not to start anything new or make commitments until the list is pared down! Quilts, Books, etc.

2. Work on getting healthy. Have a Physical, start exercising, etc.

3. Spend a minimum of ½ hr a day on self-care and take at least one full afternoon a week for myself.

4. Do my devotional every day! (this does not count as self-care time)

5. Start planning, sewing, etc for Christmas in January and putting stuff away!

6. Do more to keep my mind sharp with things other than work – learn one new thing a day.

7. Be mindful of what I put into my brain, visually and aurally.

8. Be mindful of my surroundings - that means keep things tidy, put things away, and don't let things get to be in a bad state to overwhelm me.

9. If I don't need it, give it to someone who will use it, recycle it, etc.

10. Remember I am not superwoman!

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow... SNOW!

Holy Blizzard Batman! 14 inches of snow and it is still coming down. Been snowing steadily since about 8 this morning.
I dug out the chicken coop three times today. I gave up on the driveway and left it to its 20-25 inch drifts after the sheer weight caused the snow to slide off Mom's car and into what I had just shoveled.

Staying home tomorrow!



I swear I am going to boycott the third week of March.

Backstory: My Dad has been having digestive troubles for months now. His doctor has ignored his descriptions of where, when and how the pain comes, insisting it was acid reflux and messing with his meds. The last few days, it has been considerably worse. Last night he was doubled over in pain for an hour right after dinner.

For my dad to admit to pain... rare. For Dad to agree to go to the ER - absolutely terrifying to me. That means something is really, really wrong. Keep in mind this is the man who hid two mild heart attacks from his wife and kids, and when he felt another coming he decided to chase my brother up a lighthouse in Cape May and run it off. A few years later, he spent a whole day writhing in pain with a gall bladder attack. He went to the hospital 3 MONTHS later, when it happened at church and there were enough church women around to back Mom up and force him to go.

The results aren't good. I am so, so scared right now :( It could be something like scar tissue (he's had ulcers before) but there is a mass of some kind blocking the exit to his stomach. He's going to the gastroenterologist later this week, and then we will see where we go from there. Why am I scared, other than the not knowing? This is the same week of the year that we found out Mom was sick. I want to strangle his doctor, and if I see him, he had better not ask how I am or he will get an earful.

Just - pray, think good thoughts, whatever you do, please. My family needs them.

I'm going to go buy some fabric, as I had been collecting for a lap quilt for Dad for Father's day. Going to go buy the last few fabrics. It's a Quilter's Soduku in Fish/Fishing prints.


Work In Progress Wed

So. I've been working non-stop this week... I did about 11 hours today, and about the same yesterday. OMG I'm tired. If I can get through next week, I'll be ok. Obviously haven't touched a craft project. So, here's what i've been working on at work!


This is a story in one of our local papers about the play fest i've been working on. I'm the personal assistant/arts admin assistant to one of the producers, so i've done a lot on this show, from admin stuff, selling ads for the program, running down props, making hundreds of contacts with funders, critics, reviewers, bloggers, etc...it opens tomorrow!

Tomorrow, also, the other theatre group she runs (a permanent group) has a big performance tomorrow for Diversity Day at one of the local universities. I did all the billing for this and helped set things up. This is the first time i've done this, so i'm praying everything goes well. If you open the link, the lady in the white sweater in the picture is my boss :)

And then, we are doing a HUGE show next week with the same group, The DisAbility Project. I have built this show from the ground up, done contacting, have handled the contract, billing, and will be there that day for the first time helping to run the show. I have 400 schoolkids to corral, with the help of teachers and volunteers. We are partnering with the Saint Louis Art Museum, and have rented the auditorium at the Ethical Society as the new auditorium at the museum is still under construction. I hope to have some pics next week to show you!

Self-Care Sunday

This week, I pledge to take care of myself. I am not any good to anyone if I don't - it's tech week, show opening on Thursday. My boss is going to be a hot mess. Of the 4 big projects we are working on, we will finish all 4 within a two week span. I really can't wait for the breather when she goes back to NYC for 10 days!

This week I will do at least 7 of the following -

- read for at least an hour at a sitting
- trim/paint my nails or go get it done
- capture the tv from the guys and watch something I want to watch - I have movies I got for Christmas I haven't had a
  chance to watch yet!
- listen to a CD
- bake something
- take a bubble bath
- sew something for fun
- buy something for myself
- hit the snooze alarm(on a non-work day, of course)
- call a friend
- invite someone over (the parents are gone this weekend!)
- tell someone "NO, i'm sorry, I can't do that." instead of fitting in one more thing and stealing time from myself
- play a computer game for an unbroken stretch of time
- embroider
- have dinner out with someone

My goals for this week are:
- finish the package for Jill and get it in the mail
-mail off my swap squares
- package up birthday swap squares for March so they are ready
- work on my room
- work on my sewing area
- finish a book
- make tissueholders for bazaar
- sign up for March swap if signup is up!

Brain Dump

So, this is what is on my mind today.
- the basement
- my physical condition
- friendships and former friends
- comfort

Brain Dump ahead...Collapse )

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